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Welcome to Ultracarz International.

Ultracarz International is an exclusive Manufacturer distributor of supplemental hydrogen fuel systems. Our company is located in Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas,Texas our network of dealers and installers can provide you with sales, installation and service of your hydrogen system. Our network of certified installers bring years of experience and quality service to our customers.
The Ultracarz systems are an advanced state of the art technical solution that will increase your fuel economy and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from your exhaust. The systems work on all internal combustion engines that consume Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, CNG, LPG and Jet A. There is a system designed to meet your needs whether it is on a car, light truck, industrial or commercial vehicle, semi, marine system, heavy equipment or industrial generator. We have a system for you.
Please contact us or one of our certified dealers listed on our services page for installation and ordering.
If you are unfamiliar with hydrogen generators and want to learn more please call or use our Contact Us link.